How to make mititei at home with the Mici Spice:

Place the ground meat in a large bowl (best if you ground the meat). Add the spice and with your hand, start to mix the meat over and over again to incorporate the spice. Do this for about five minutes, adding the water in between mixing. The texture of the meat needs to be a paste to get the right results. Form meat with your hands wet into cylindrical shapes about 3-4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Place the links on a wet plate cover with plastic foil and let’s rest for couple hours in refrigerator before grilling. Heat up grill on high. Grease the grill so that the mici will not stick. Place mici on the hot greased grill on high heat. Turn about 3-4 times, a total of about 6-7 minutes, don’t use fork to turn mici will lose the juice from inside if you pock. Don’t overcook. Best if you preparing ahead of time and keep in freezer in air tight container to prevent freezer burn. Can be stored in freezer more than a month. Don’t be afraid to double the portion and keep in freezer to have ready when you want.

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Delicios Taste of Transylvania

Grilled small links/ mici - mititei

Clearly one of Romania’s most popular and enduring dish. Romania’s culinary gift to the world. Tasty, delicious, unique flavor, pork and beef links presented in the shape of a short sausage without casing. Mici in Romania mean “Small”. Every restaurant or every flea market in Romania serves this juicy, delicious sausages.

Condimente Pentru Mititei Minced Meat Seasoning

​Mici Spice